I also faciliate a range of creative workshops to acccomodate different needs to help dyspraxics improve their future life quality and confidence, alongside personal coaching sessions.  These typically last 2 hours each and include: 

Group coaching workshops that explore dyspraxic challenges directly which use Positive Psychology and Applied Drama methods, particularly the weekly Forum Theatre workshops on thursday evenings to help dyspraxic thrive.  These can include exploring social/interpersonal scenarios to manage conflicts better and learning new ways to respond in difficult situations, within contexts of work, studying, romantic relationships or friends & family and more!  We explore challenge situations as a group using improvised drama exercises, and identify positive resources to improve your life experiences. These types of workshops can also include self-care, improving your wellbeing, organisation, using your strengths to expand your comfort, interview skills, and positive decision makings and explaining your diagnosis than strictly interpersonal challenges.

I also run special Strengths-Based Drama workshops that is aimed at helping dyspraxics identify and explore their strengths and apply your strengths to manage dyspraxic related challenges, expand your comfort zone and reduce over thinking using creative character work and personal drama to improve your life quality.  These workshops are less structured than the above forum theatre and run every 2 weeks on Monday evenings, where 1-2 can explore any issue with the group they wish than strictly interpersonal issues and include goal setting outside the rehearsal to help you thrive!

Do note all workshops are conducted on zoom at this time untl further notice, with reasonable rates.  These must be booked in advance to reserve your place.  Please contact me for further information if you would like to attend.