Please note that all services are conducted either on zoom and face to face (for one to one coaching for those local to glasgow) to accomodate different needs, preferences and locations so to receive support











I'll be running the following amazing workshop week 14-20th June

Next Strengths-Based Drama workshop Monday 19th  July at 7:30pm:   


These special workshops run fourtnightly Monday evenings 7:30-9:30pm for only £8-£16 suggested donations per person (including email support between sessions if you could and update on your goal progress).  These can help you identify and use your strengths, explore and expand you comfort zone, reduce overthinking, and increase happiness using creative character work and personal drama to flourish.   So If you are interested in attending and joing the group please register above or in touch for further information thanks and the next workshop will taking place on19th July as it would be great to see you there!


Do however note that while I wish to be inclusive to all Dyspraxics 16+ regardless of location to help with every issues within coaching contexts, these specialised workshops are not appropriate for those under severe distress such as clinical depression.

Thursdays 15th & 29th July: Devising Forum Theatre 7:30pm:

Forum Theatre workshops are resuming this month but being more open sessions, where attendees can any explore any interpersonal issues on the regardless of seeting for help you experience positive future relationships, find ways to respond to conflict and practice your life skills to thrive for only £6-£12 suggested donations per person. So if interested please book on the above link to confirm as it would be great to see you!

I am also hope to run further Solution-Focused Drama Workshops on dating, particular on making the first move and also on managing yourself at work to help Dyspraxics flourish.  If you are interested then please get in touch as it would be great to hear from you!

​One to One coaching Appointments are now available in a hybrid manner both remotely (to accomodate for different locations) and also face to face for those local to Glasgow.  Appointments can be booking for only £25-£50 suggested donation per hour with a pay what you can afford within this scale. 

Prospective workshops for parents of Dyspraxics.  I am also hoping to run support workshops for parents for Dyspraxics too, around awareness and understandings challenges using forum theatre later this year.  So if that is of interest to anyone please get in touch for further information as I'll do my best the accomodate.  Many thanks.