Please note that all services are conducted exclusively on zoom until further notice during this lockdown period.

Do note that personal (one to one) coaching sessions are now available all days weekly,  including evenings and Saturday mornings, with the exception of Thursday evenings.  So please contact me for further information and to make an appointment.














This week 19th-25th April 2021, I'll be running the following amazing workshop

Forum Theatre Workshop series.  Red Flags in Personal Relationships series.  Final Session: Thursday 22nd April 7:30pm-9:30pm.


Forum Theatre workshops can help Dyspraxics with social/interpersonal challenges by practicing challenging conversations, finding ways express your need effectively, uncover new ways of responding when facing future conflicts/interpersonal problems to improve your life quality.  The final session of this special 3-part series on Red Flags in Personal Relationship will be this Thursday 22nd April at 7:30pm covering red flags outside of romantic relationship, i.e friends, work..etc.  This series is to help you experience future postive relationship, understand and increase your awarnesss of red flags across a range of setting and find new ways to respond to these when facing these to thrive in the future









Please note that is series will explore red flags within a range of setting from dating, established relationships, friends and work than strictly romantic relationship and compared with positive green flags for these reasons. You will thus have the opportunity rehearse your life skills to provide you will new resources, improve your confidence and clarify, find ways to express boundaries with others and ways to express your needs effectively when facning such challenges to thrive in the future. This final workshop can be booked for only £5-£15 suggested donations per person, so it would be great to see you. 

So if you would like to attend this workshop please check and register via the links above for further information or via PayPal to confirm your attendance as it would be great to see you there! 

After Work Miniworkshop with Improv Games. Friday 23rd April 5:30-6:30pm.

This will be a fun, supportive but less informal workshop, involving some fun improv games & laughter to improve your happiness and wellbeing during this challenging times, than explore dyspraxic challenges directly for only £3 per person. 


I will also be offering one to one coaching sessions face to face too for those local to glasgow from this week (in addition to session on zoom).  So if anyone local to glasgow requiring further support, and would like to make an appointment please get in touch for future information.  Thanks

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