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I run professional one to one coaching, group coaching with drama and other creative workshops for dyspraxic adults within the UK.  These are designed to build their confidence and improve their life qualiity to flourish in the future.  Services are thus flexible to meet your needs, where our approaches apply positive psychology methods by focusing on your strengths to help you find uncover coping strategies for these reasons.  All sessions are conducted according to  the Association for Coaching's standards.

Faciliator information:

Chris Colebrook is a Solution-Focused Coach Practitioner with 6 years experience in training and facilitating improvised drama workshops. He is professionally trained in Positive Psychology-based practices (i.e: Life Coaching & Resource-Based Therapies) and Applied Drama practices from the University of Glasgow, and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.  Chris has 4 years one to one coaching experience including helping adults with specific learning difficulties (i.e dyslexia, dyspraxia, and ADHD) flourish using applied positive psychology and drama. He has completed his PhD from the University of Glasgow, creating a new coaching practice with applied drama to improve an individual's interpersonal life quality, since his MSc in Psychological Studies.