Welcome to Dyspraxic Drama UK, a Glasgow-Based organisation providing professional to support adults 16+ with Dyspraxia (also known as Developmental Coordination Disorder) to improve their life quality, under the facilitation of Chris Colebrook, Solution-Focused Coach Practitioner (Dip/PhD) . 

My mission is: "Using the Power of Creativity to build Dyspraxic Adults Confidence and Flourish!"

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Note services are available online and in person (in Glasgow)

at present to accomodate different locations.


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"I joined Chris' Dyspraxic Drama session on Communication in Romantic Relationships. It gave me both food for thought and a confidence boost. I found the session a safe environment free of judgement to try out ideas and strategies for how to approach difficult conversations that I would otherwise shy away from and let brew". Tom, Gloucester

"I really enjoyed Chris’s drama workshop. I highly recommend it. I found Chris’s slide presentation to be very well done and I found the workshops a good way to practise certain situations.  I found role playing to be very helpful for me".  Karen, Linlithgow.

"I had coaching from Chris to help me with facing and completing a number of chores/clearout.  This helped me no end and whilst it is still a work in progress, it gave me a self confidence boost.  I would recommend him and the Zoom sessions worked well.  Thanks so much".  Katy, Haslemere.  Surrey.



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" Highly recomend Dyspraxic Drama UK.   really fun and taught me a lot and improved my behaviour, and being able to identify my behaviour made realise it but in a fun and intresting way through drama".  Lyndsey, Manchester.